Saturday, 30 June 2012

Almost a Shock. Almost a Horror. No it's Filing

How to get the Grumpy Husband (GH) to do some filing for the first time in over 2 years.  Go and see the mortgage man as previous whatever rate had run out.  Very pleasing to the eye.  The filing that is.

All three boys have made it onto the chess team and have been off to a sport and chess day clutching water bottles they won (yes, we can never lose enough of those) and pretty good results.  Chess started off as a bit of cheap childcare on a Friday afternoon.  Then Driven Dad joined the crew and things got serious in a nice way.  It has been a joy to see them bloom and my nerd worries are nowhere around.  They even managed sensible grown up thinking like 'If I use my DS on the bus I may feel sick so I won't' and came back with their spending money as cake and drinks were free.  Also too tired to want to come to a rainy birthday party with me.

What a shame...

Ah, he has found a few changes to the accounts. Oh, well.