Monday, 30 April 2012

Teenagers are curious about sex

Morning, I have 30 mins to complete this post and then it is off to my early morning spin class. (MalmoMum this is not Twitter, get on with your post).

I am mulling over the debate on allowing pharmacists to give 13 year olds the pill.  Looking at the Mumsnet discussions most seemed to accept that the pill was better than the alternative: pregnancy.  However, a 13 year old needing the pill was possibly one not in a good place.  Discovering your body and what it can do and what is wants should be a journey, not necessarily full pelt down the Autobahn.

Then I listened to this from Radio 4's Crossing Continents and I felt a bit of a chill down my spine

In Bangladesh, twenty percent of girls are married before their fifteenth birthday. Jemy is likely to be one of them. She is thirteen years old and due to marry a cousin in three days time.
Meanwhile, twelve-year-old Oli is touring the slums of Dhaka, telling parents not to marry off their daughters.
And in the wards of the Dhaka Medical College lies Poppy, awaiting an operation to repair a body broken by childbirth at the age of twelve.
This week's Crossing Continents looks at the issue of Child Marriage, through the eyes of these three children.
It is a practice still rife in Bangladesh despite being illegal. Some call it modern day slavery. Child brides drop out of school and are rarely able to undertake any paid work. Often they become victims of domestic violence. And many, like Poppy, suffer severe health problems as a result of giving birth at a young age.
They lose their childhood completely.
But campaigners are fighting back, trying to persuade rural villagers not to marry off their daughters so young. Reporter Angus Crawford joins them as they try to track down Jemy and halt her wedding. But can they reach her in time?

So it is better not to have bear children until your body has stopped growing and 18 seems a good cut off point. 

At 13, bodies are awakening and developing towards nature's intention of having babies. It is supposed to be fun to make us want to do in the first place. So, if we want to do it at 13 maybe we should; that's what our bodies want. Or is it? I am not one for Nannying but I am not too keen on an open season on age of consent either.  Let's stick with 16.

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